Sunday, May 9, 2010

This might be the most offensive thing I've ever posted on WTFWJD?

But I think it's really hilarious, so I'm posting it anyway:

Yeah, I know, it should be "more quickly," but we'll let the grammar thing slide just this once. Also, there's even a t-shirt!



dafydd said...

I have a category in my blog called "tacky is really funny." This would qualify... ;)

gartlande said...

Offensive? Maybe . Funny and pointed? Definately!

Anonymous said...

I love it!

Not far off from something I'm fond of saying to particularly obnoxious anti-abortion types: "God performs more abortions than every human abortionist in history put together!"

Because really, if someone believes that 'whatever happens is Gods will' or 'everything is part of God's plan' or even that passage about him knowing every time a sparrow takes a header? How else can they characterise miscarriages and stillbirths?


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