Thursday, June 11, 2009

Who gave Glenn Beck a TV show?

We all know that the only people who watch this show are nutcases (or people like me who enjoy being upset). Telling them that they are under attack (when, in reality, they are the ones who end up doing the attacking) is not only irresponsible, but an act of aggression against regular citizens. Telling a crazy, armed fundie that he needs to be on the lookout for terrorists - "both foreign and domestic" - is the same as telling him to see threats that are not there. And who can tell me what happens when crazy, gun-toting, racist Bible-thumpers get paranoid?

Yep. They go and shoot up the Holocaust Museum (or similar). Awesome.

By the way, my favorite line was:
This is not the work of right-wing conservatives. This is the work of somebody today who is racist, crazy, or most likely both.


Nosaturn said...

Raceists are crazy in my book; so I'm only watching out for two kinds of people. Which is too bad since there's so many nice people I SHOULD be watching out for! Don't the nice ppl make the world go round?

John said...

Man, this guy does a really good Stephan Colbert rip-off.

John said...

However, I think he shows at times he can be brilliantly self-aware:

"I think you're gonna see a lot of nutjobs coming out of the woodwork now."

He would know, wouldn't he?

Self said...

What I don't understand is why people watch this, when you can effectively get the same thing from anyone who's had a few beers down at the pub.

He's certainly not any more articulate than your average uninformed barfly.

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