Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cristians vs. Gays: Part 907

From the Hawaii Reporter:

I am an evangelical Christian who attends church regularly, so I was surprised to see a worship service on the grounds of the Hawaii state capitol this past Sunday. What struck me even more was the purpose for the service itself: to attempt to prevent the state of Hawaii from granting equal civil rights to members of our society by placing conditions upon the application of such rights.

This is a problem not only of basic civic literacy, by obstructing the exercise of justice and misappropriating our system of government, but also in that it attacks the very context of the Bible itself while defaming and tarnishing the character of the Church.

To be clear, the government is commissioned to administer the law of the land, not regulate the morality of its people. Furthermore, it is to ensure equity and justice for all, based primarily on the merit of citizenship. In our society, we grant certain privileges to citizens who enter into an intimate relationship.

This just gets better and better, actually:
To enter into the political landscape in order to assert a legal agenda is bad for the Church as a whole. It goes against the very message of the Bible and it reflects a faith and a god that is both selective and superficial.

Christians must, as a community, repent of our own air of moral superiority and allow the universe to bend to its natural arch, which Dr. King reminds us is toward justice. For those who have succumbed to the misconception that Sodom and Gomorrah's downfall (or any civilization's for that matter) was or may be caused by homosexuals, I must turn your attention beyond Genesis 18 and 19 (which indicates only that ten righteous people could not be found), to Ezekiel 16:49, where we find that Sodom's sin was actually arrogance, obesity, and lack of concern for the poor.
I highly suggest you read the whole thing. I also have to admit that it's really encouraging to see people being vocal about this weird, revolutionary branch of Christianity that I like to call "being a good person like Jesus said to." Is that a dangling participle? Whatever. The point is, Logan Lutari, who wrote this story, is fighting the good fight. And he's doing it with a lot less bad fucking language than I am, so that's probably pretty pragmatic (alliteration!) of him. Good job, Logan. That's WTF Jesus would do.


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