Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Note to self: not all Catholics suck

Obviously, this is the case, since my family are mostly really nice people, and also mostly really Catholic people. Anyway, just in case some of you needed re-assuring, here it is (from UPI):

The dissident pastor of a dissident Roman Catholic church in St. Louis has been laicized, or stripped of his priestly functions, officials said.

The Rev. Marek Bozek told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he plans to carry on at St. Stanislaus. He said that he and the church board will ignore Pope Benedict XVI's action.

"We don't recognize this unjust action, the same way we don't recognize the excommunications," Bozek said.

...At St. Stanislaus, Bozek advocates the ordination of women, an end to clerical celibacy and the recognition of gay relationships. While this has upset some members of the parish, the church has acquired scores of new members who welcome the change, the Post-Dispatch said.
Bravo, Bozek. I think it's pretty clear that the Vatican can't keep kicking everyone out and expect Catholicism to continue to exist. If shit like this keeps happening, they will eventually have to adapt or die. I think, in the end, they will choose adaptation over disintegration.


Michelle Bell said...

A recovering Catholic here, with family and in-laws that are very much still Catholics. I find it quite interesting how the Church has evolved in our area (mid-western USA), and yet it seems to have become more rigid and conservative globally since I left. The excommunication of the parent and doctors of the nine-year-old girl in Brazil has left a horrid taste in my mouth, and it's something I don't think is sitting well with American and Canadian Catholics. At least I can hope that my family is a good representative of how the Catholics over here feel.

Phoebe said...

This is kind of big I think, in that St. Louis is a huge Catholic town. He's doing this within spitting distance of bigwigs.

Jocelyn said...

Michelle - no, it didn't go over very well with my family either. One of my Catholic grandmothers and I had a long conversation about how we were both must more impressed with the whole Anglican thing. My other grandma won't talk about it, but I assume she's upset. She's vehemently of the camp that God loves everyone.

Phoebe - is it? That does make this more exciting.

Phoebe said...

Yeah the Pope came here in 2003 or so and we have a Catholic university and about a third of the people I know are or were raised Catholic.

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