Tuesday, April 28, 2009


From the Associated Press:

An influential Islamic group has demanded the removal of an online video game depicting religious figures such as the Prophet Muhammad and Jesus Christ fighting each other, saying it is offensive to Muslims and Christians.
The video game in question is a game called Faith Fighter, which you can play here. I have to say, that as I tend to hang out on the heathen side of Christianity, I kind of found it hilarious. I also have to say that as Buddha, I kicked some serious deity ass, and even managed to vanquish the mystery character, aka the Evil Lord Xenu. NO THETANS FOR ME, BIATCH!! I also found it pretty entertaining that while I was kicking Jesus' ass (Jesus, I am so sorry. To be fair, it was on "easy" mode), a flying spaghetti monster made its way through the background. 

So, what do we think? Am I going to Hell for playing this, or is it funny? Discuss.


John said...

Ganesha is adorable!

Jocelyn said...

A lot of this game is adorable, especially when you're fighting God and they play "Hava Nagila" in the background.

Dean P said...

C'mon, crazy muslims go nuts any time anyone does anything they think might be remotely critical of anything islamic (though, to be fair, crazy christians and crazy jews and crazy hindus &c aren't any better.)

But I had fun playing Mohamed, including bringing down the black rock, so I assume I'm going straight to hell, forever, the end.

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