Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Nature of Divine Love

I just read a really lovely piece on Religion Dispatches that you should all probably read. A highlight:

. . . this is why I cannot prioritize Romans 1:26-27 (let alone the Leviticus texts) over what I’ve learned through listening to the life stories of my gay and lesbian friends. When God comes to me in the form of the neighbor in need, even the gay neighbor, I cannot in good conscience send the neighbor away empty-handed just because Paul—a product of his time—believed that every instance of same-sex sexual activity was simply an expression of inordinate lust. I know better, not because I’m wiser than Paul, but because I live in an age when gays and lesbians have a public voice that enables them to share what it is like to be gay. Paul didn’t.
You can read the rest here. Isn't it wonderful to hear intelligent, articulate commentary from the religious left?

And on the other side of the isle, this little blurb is really something, but mostly because the one comment on there at the moment is pretty hilarious.


Hannah said...

I think that a beautiful thought.

Virtually-K said...

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention - what a wonderful read - it gives me hope.

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