Tuesday, April 14, 2009


This is interesting (from the Grand Junction Daily Sentinal).


LiturgyGeek said...

And, shockingly, only one woman represented. Also, is it a huge surprise that all the men profiled were staunchly pro-life?

Just once I'd like to see a straight male clergy member take a pro-choice stance on this. I know you're out there, guys. Step up!

Jocelyn said...

I know pro-choice members of the Catholic clergy (mostly nuns, actually, but a few priests), but they shall remain nameless at this time for obvious ex-communication/defrocking-related reasons.

LiturgyGeek said...

Yeah, I know a few of them, too. That's just the problem - they can't speak up without being ex-communicated or defrocked. The Proddies I know, however, have no such excuse.

Hannah said...

I think the last guy had a somewhat more enlightened approach to the abortion issue. There are a lot of us who are Pro-choice but staunchly anti-abortion. I like the fact that he said "embrace those that choose to have an abortion. It's not a pro-choice stance, but it's not really hardcore anti-choice either.

What is the deal with the guy who kept saying the Jesus wasn't political? Is he reading the same New Testament I am? WTF?

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